Easy spruce ups you can do to your buy to let property

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As a landlord, you know that when a tenant leaves it’s a good idea to get into the property to give it a spruce up before the next person arrives. It’s important that your buy to let property is in a good state before they move in and that you take pictures to document how it has been left. 


For this article, we’ve been inspired by this guide on home renovations that can be done on a budget and have featured some quick fixes you can carry out once the big clean is complete to give your property a fresh new look. 


  1. Fix up sealant around the bath, shower and sink 

Sealant can get grubby, fast. Take some time to clean this and then if it needs replacing remove and reseal with a waterproof sealant. It’s a job that takes no time at all but can make a huge difference to how your bathroom looks. 


  1. Spruce up the grout 

Grout between tiles is another common feature that can get dirty and start to look less than appealing over time. A grout pen can quickly enhance your existing tiles, simply go over the grout and brighten it up or have fun with different colours. 


  1. Re-gloss your woodwork 

Over time, glossed wood can become tired and flaky but this is something that is easy to remedy. Take some time to sand down then re-gloss the skirting boards, doorframes and bannisters in your rental property to get them looking fresh. Plus, the smell of gloss paint lingers so the property will smell fresh and new when the new tenant moves in. This video from B&Q offers some helpful tips. 


  1. Pressure wash patio and decking areas 

A build of dirt and moss can make patio and decking areas unappealing so get the pressure washer out and give these a hose down. It’s a satisfying job and can make a garden feel newly renovated just with a cleanup.  While you’re there, ensure to remove any weeds or trailing plants that could cause an issue and throw away any rubbish left behind by tenants. 


  1. Clean door handles, light switches and plug sockets 

Take some time to wipe down areas that are touched regularly but easily missed while cleaning. This means giving light switches a thorough wipe over as well as plug sockets and around door handles. You’ll be amazed at how much dirt you lift off. Use a cleaner such as Elbow Grease that is particularly good at removing stubborn dirt, spray this directly onto the cloth then get to work. 


  1. Have the windows professionally cleaned 

To ensure dirt and grime doesn’t build up in the mechanisms of your property’s windows, get them cleaned inside and out by a professional. Look for someone local that comes recommended and ask that they clean not only the glass but the UPVC frames and internal frames too. 


  1. Patch up holes in the walls 

Ideally, your previous tenant should have done this before vacating the property but if you spot any holes or damage left behind that wasn’t picked up during inspection be sure to patch these up with poly filler and a scraping knife. Once dry, sand it down to match the wall and go over it with a lick of paint if necessary. 


These simple steps can make a huge difference to your rental property once that big clean is done, making it a pleasant environment that a new tenant can move into and enjoy. 


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