Energy Audit Kit

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• 1 x Smart Energy Controller
• 5 x 5 way Smart Socket
• 1 x Energy Manager Pro Software
• 1 x 16 channel Smart Meter
• 16 x 30A Current Sensors

£1177.99 (inc. VAT – P&P)


The Energy Audit Kit is a comprehensive starter kit that allows an organisation to measure its electricity usage in detail, making it quick and easy to identify areas where savings can be made.

The kit will collect data every ten seconds and give an accurate break-down of energy consumption – for example, by device, employee, department or building. Overall energy consumption can be seen at a glance on the screen of the Smart Energy Controller. The Energy Manager Pro software is a complementary reporting system, enabling the user to analyse their energy data and see the breakdown of where that energy is being used in a series of graphs. The system is simple to install and operate, and works straight out of the box.


• A simple, wireless energy monitoring system suitable for any organisation that wants to measure its energy usage
• Our Energy Manager Pro gives easy access to energy consumption data in graph format – both real-time and historical
• Value for money – the system will help you to identify where easy savings can be made through behavioural change, as well as informing a longer-term strategy of energy management
• Simple to install – out of the box to data collection in less than half an hour
• Electricity usage is monitored both via the distribution board (fuse box) and by individual sockets
• See the power used by different pieces of equipment simply by plugging an electrical device into the 5-way Smart Sockets
• Simple to extend – add as many Smart Sockets as you need
• Wide range – Our devices communicate wirelessly over a distance of up to 30metres, through walls and ceilings (and Smart Sockets can, for example, communicate with each other to relay data back to the Smart Energy Controller, further extending the overall range)
• Ideal for use by a wide range of organisations, from businesses to schools

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