FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q  How do I post my House Shop classified ad?
A The House Shop website is designed to ensure that posting an advert is quick and easy. 

  1. Select the red button on top of the page “Post a Free Advert”
  2. Register or you can login with your Facebook account
  3. Add the title to your advert
  4. Select your city
  5. Complete advert description (the better description the less time wasted answering enquiries)
  6. Upload images (recommended)
  7. Select enhanced features
  8. Save Advert to post live onto the website

If you do not want your advert to be posted live tick “Save as a Draft”   

 Is it really Free to post an advert?
Yes we offer a 100% free online classified ad service, your advert is free. We make a small charge when you opt to  enhance your listing our use any of our featured positions to increase your ads exposure
Q How do I Edit or Delete my House Shop ad?
A Login into your account and select “Manage adverts” (top of page) then select “Edit advert” to be taken to your advert. You can then edit or repost your advert.

To delete your advert tick the box “Remove this advert from search results

Q How long does my ad stay on the site?
A Your ad stays live for 90 days, however if we feel the advert does not meet our terms and conditions it will be removed.
Q What methods of payment do you accept?
We use PayPal to process all online payments . PayPal offer very secure payment processing service where we never see your card details .
You don’t have to pay to enjoy the safety, speed and convenience of PayPal. In fact, you can take advantage of all these great benefits for free:

  • Free to open a PayPal account
  • Free to shop online in the UK at thousands of websites
  • Free protection wherever you shop with PayPal, so in the unlikely event that an item doesn’t arrive or isn’t what you expected, you can get your money back. Terms and conditions apply. Find out more
Q I have just posted or reposted an ad but cannot see it online!
A This could be for a number of reasons including that you may have posted the advert in the wrong category. Please revisit your advert and ensure that all fields have been completed. Our system is constantly being updated with new ads , so please be patient if you cannot see your ad straight away
 Q How do I include an image in my ad?
  On the advert creation page you will see ” Images for this advert” select browse and select the image that you want from your computer. You may add up to 6 adverts , once uploaded you can select the image that you would like to appear first by selecting “default image”

The great thing is that we don’t charge you for including images with your advert.

Q How do I add a video to my advert?
A You can enhance your classified advert by adding a YouTube video simply copy the URL of Classified Ads with Youtube Videothe video and past into the field marked Video URL on your draft advert.
Q How do I include a link to a website from my advert?
A To place a link to your website from your advert simply tick “Include Web Address” and add the URL to the website in the field below. There is a fixed charge of £1.50 to include a link to a website from your ad.
Q The Map location on my ad is incorrect – why is this?
A The map location is found by the post code that is entered in the post code field of the ad creation page. To ensure accurate map placement you need to insert the full post code. Map data is provided by Google Maps
Q How do I post my ad to all regions of TheHouseShop site?
A The website is Geo Targeted meaning that local visitors will arrive at the page relevant to them. Free classified advertising is best kept local and your advert should be posted to the region where it is most relevant. We do offer UK home page featured listings that are displayed on the UK home page you can add a UK home page listing by paying a set fee from the advert creation page. 
Q Do you allow Tickets to be sold on TheHouseShop?
A You will break the law if you resell certain tickets and must check your position with regards to your position . Reselling train tickets and football tickets for example could mean that you break the law. We delete all these types of ads.
Q The response to my ad has not been that great!
A You should consider has your advert been placed in the correct category and has it received the best exposure we offer? Then consider your pricing description and presentation of the advert. Buyers will always compare like for like. So act like a buyer and see if what you are offering is competitive. 
Q  How does the bump up ad feature work?
A Each time someone posts a new advert your listing is pushed down in our search results. To get to the top of the stack simply bump up your advert for 7 days. You can do this from your advert area. Simply edit your advert and select Bump up For 7 Days and save your ad. You will be taken to PayPal to pay for this feature and your advert will be pushed to the top of the search.
Q Can you remove an illegal offensive ad?
A We rely on TheHouseShop community to help us police the site so if you see an advert that breaks our rules we will be pleased if you let us know by selecting the link “Report Advert” positioned at the bottom of the advert.
Q Do Scammers use The House Shop?
A Like any website that encourages buyers and sellers to meet we inevitably attract a fraction of those seeking to scam others. Keeping transactions local and face to face and avoiding money transfer services such as Western Union will go toward keeping you safe. We have provided more tips and advice plus links to professional associations that educate about trading on the Internet.
Q What items are not allowed to be advertised on The House Shop?
A The House Shop encourage users who feel that an ad is inappropriate or breach our posting rules to report the ad to us so we can take the appropriate action.


Q I want to contact The House Shop
A  The fastest way to contact us is via the Feedback button on the right of the screen
Q Will i receive an invoice or receipt from The House Shop
A Our payments are handled by PayPal who will send confirmation of your transaction this will be your record of your purchase. You will also be able to access this from your PayPal account.




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