Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer

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As the summer season draws closer, it’s only natural to begin thinking about shedding some of those wintertime clothes, throwing on your swimsuit and jumping in that backyard pool that’s been teasing you during the cold weather months.

But before you can, there are a number of steps you need to take to ensure that your swimming pool will be safe and open for everyone to enjoy all summer long.

When preparing your pool for the warm weather season, it’s a good idea to call on some of your friends to help you out. It can be quite a difficult job to do by yourself, so invite everyone over for a pizza party or a ball game and get a little work done in the process.

It won’t take nearly as long if you have some good friends and/or family members to help you out.

Here are some of the steps from a veteran San Antonio pool builder you’ll need to take before you can begin enjoying your backyard swimming pool for the summer season:

Drain Pool Cover and Remove. Seems like a pretty obvious step one, right? All that water that’s been collecting on your pool cover during the offseason needs to be drained before you can remove the cover and get to work. Store the cover for next year and then you’re ready to continue.

Add water, if needed. If your water level is not what you want it to be, then tackle this step as soon as possible as it’s likely to take some time. Once the levels have been restored to your satisfaction, you should be good to go for another warm-weather season.

Turn Equipment on and Make Sure All is Working Well. As things have been dormant for several months, it’s a good idea to make sure everything is working properly before officially opening your pool for the summer. Let your equipment run for a few minutes and check everything thoroughly, fixing any issues that catch your eye.

For underground pool, or for some great pool maintenance advice, Globo Surf has a lot of guides and tips that can be very helpful.

Test Pool Chemistry. Take a water sample and make adjustments to your chemicals, as needed. This is obviously an important stepbecause a well-balanced pool is a healthy and enjoyable one. Amazon sells a variety of pool testers for an affordable price.

Brush and Vacuum Pool. There’s no telling what might have crept into your pool during the off-season, so pay a little extra attention and remove anything that doesn’t belong at this stage. Possibilities include leaves, grass, toys and possibly even a frog or two.

Shock the Pool and Apply Algaecide. Once you get to this stage, you’re getting close to opening the pool for the summer season. Make that water healthy and inviting and you’ll be ready to enjoy your swimming pool for another year.

Perform a Safety Check and Evaluate Pool Equipment. Before you and your family jump into the backyard swimming pool for the first time, make sure all of your equipment is functioning properly and that there are no hazards which could cause harm to whoever will be using the pool. The last thing you want is for a child to be injured due to something that you could have addressed before you opened the pool for the season.


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