How To Impress Winter Viewers by Upgrading Your Interior Lighting

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In terms of interior lighting, things have come a long way since the days when we simply put up a bulb and a shade. The modern trend is for more innovative lighting ideas, and the advent of LED lighting has further enlarged the variety of options. 

LED lighting offers a number of benefits. An LED – light emitting diode – is not a filament light in the traditional sense, and works in a different fashion. 

Without over-indulging in the details, this means LED lighting is not only more energy-efficient, and therefore cost-effective, but it is also more versatile when it comes to interior design options.

LED lights come in a wide variety of types, and are also available in a variety of colours. This gives you much more in the way of innovation when it comes to your interior lighting design. Make note that LED lights are also longer lasting than a traditional light bulb.

It’s in winter when interior lighting comes into its own, so if you need to give your home a special look to impress visitors or when selling your home in winter.

Here are some great ideas using LED in the home.

The Living Room

First, it’s important to understand that LED lights have improved greatly since the original examples appeared on the market. In particular, you can usually find three different ‘colours’ of white light: warm white, cool light, and daylight. 

These have been engineered to produce different light shades for different purposes.

For example, warm white will replicate the ice white a halogen bulb. This may be perfect in the living room as it is quite a soft light. 

Cool light is more akin to a fluorescent tube, and daylight has a blue tinge that is designed to resemble, well, daylight! Check out this article by Cnet to better understand color temperatures.

We suggest warm light LED for the living room as it will give that comfortable, relaxing appearance. You may want to look at up-lighting; this can be done easily with LED and is a way of directing the light upwards from a lower-sighted light, rather than downwards as is usual. 

It’s a great effectand one that changes the dynamic of a room.

The Bedroom

One of the many benefits of LED lights is that they are available not just as traditional bulbs. You can buy tubes and – one that we like particularly in a bedroom setting – strips of lights. 

These come in a plastic clear tube that can be hung where you want; think across the headboard for reading, or around a mirror. 

Also, in the bedroom setting we recommend the cool light bulb, as it gives the best effect for relaxation when needed. Strip lighting is great for giving a picture a lift, or for simple decoration that adds something special to your basic room design. 

The sheer versatility of LED lighting comes into its own in the bedroom setting, and is highly recommended.

The Kitchen

Cleverly designed lighting – even in its simplest form – can make a massive difference to the overall look of a kitchen, and this is where LED plays a part.

One very neat and effective method of giving a kitchen a lift is to use small circular lights in places where you may not normally put them – think set into the kick-plates of cupboards and appliances – as well as hanging LED strips underneath the lower part of the wall-mounted cupboards

Couple these with simple, in the ceiling spotlights, and you have what may be the most effectively lit room in the house. Use a bright daylight bulb for the kitchen, as this is a room where you want to be able to see what is going on at all times!

The Bathroom

Soft, warm lighting from LED bulbs in the ceiling and over mirrors is the way to go for your bathroom lighting. You can even find LED lights that can be fitted above your shower, and strip lights around the walls can also add to the effect.

LED is the perfect lighting for the bathroom as it is simple to fit and gives the right level of warmth in light, and we recommend smaller spot-light type lights for this room.

Elsewhere in the Home

You can take inspiration from the above for your interior LED lighting, and apply it to any rooms you may have – an office, study, playroom, or more – but don’t forget the outside!

LED lights are perfect for lighting up your patio or decking area, and also for other areas in the garden. 

You may also want to use them on your porch, or at any other point of entry where they can provide you with security and allow you to see who is on your property.

There’s plenty of places online where you can get inspiration for your interior lighting, but make this article 8 Top Tips for Cozy Interior Lighting first on your list.

Check out the world of low-energy, long life and eco-friendly LED lights, and give your home the make-over it needs for the winter months.


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