How to Know If You Are Hiring the Right and Professional Land Surveyor

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If you are ever caught in the position of finding yourself in need of a land surveyor, you must make sure that you hire the right one for the job. Though it does not stop there, as to become a licensed professional land surveyor you go through what may seem as an endless series of academic stages. Though, as you will find, a number of land surveyors may not necessarily be licensed and may not have completed either their education or acquired their work experience. 


It is important you make sure they underwent both to choose the right professional land surveyor for the sake of surveying your land correctly, without error.

Professional Land Surveyor Stages

The journey of becoming a land surveyor is often seen and thought as one without an end. Starting, typically that is, with a bachelor’s degree in either surveying or a related major to the topic at hand. After completing your bachelor’s come two very decisive exams. They are necessary in having you dubbed a professional, as without it you do not get fully licensed. These exams are the Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) and the Principles and Practice of Surveying (PS). Upon passing these two exams, you are then required to complete a period, which is a prerequisite to becoming fully licensed, of work experience. This is usually 4 years.

How to identify a professional?

Your professional surveyor will typically denote their certification as ‘Professional Surveyor’ (PS) in the United States. Though there are other denotations that can be made, like ‘Licensed Surveyor’ (LS), ‘Professional Land Surveyor’ (PLS), ‘Registered Land Surveyor’ (RLS), ‘Registered Professional Land Surveyor’ (RPLS) and ‘Professional Surveyor and Mapper’ (PSM). Any of these names will mean they are indeed professionals that have completed all stages to become licensed. So ask them for their credentials to make sure they are professionals.

Purposes and importance of a Professional Land Surveyor

You may have come across the large acquisition of an equally large piece of land. Maybe it is a vineyard or the site of a new project. Either way, you will surely be thinking ‘how much of this land is actually yours’ and this is where a professional surveyor comes in. They will come, and they will record the dimensions and physical features of your land. 


This is mandatory as it marks the boundaries of your land, preventing you from trespassing on either the municipal’s land or your neighbor’s land — and vice versa. The land surveyor wizards at Ray Carlson Surveyors explain the intricate uses of Geographic Information System (GIS), discussing how it uses innovative technology which allows you to make management decisions based on accurate information. GIS can help develop a vineyard for maximum yield prior to construction.


This illustrates the purpose and importance of land surveying for any construction project and real estate deal. They are capable of informing you of the land that is yours accurate to an eighth of an inch, marking the boundaries of your acreage or house. It is particularly useful when you are trying to determine the property rights in a legal dispute. 

How to hire the right Land Surveyor

A number of things must be taken into consideration when picking out the right land surveyor. All of which will make all the difference in the world in regards to the success of your project.

Hire a ‘Trusted Partner’

You have made a large investment in your land. The costs have likely transcended material costs, which is money, as you also paid with your time. You will need to look for a land surveyor that can work well — side-by-side — with your engineers, architects, contractors, and government agencies. Only with the right amount of experience will this be the case.

Hire a Licensed and Insured Surveyor

Hiring a licensed and insured surveyor will not only mean the job will get done to the best of their abilities as qualified surveyors, but also means you will be removing liability off of yourself and have it transferred to the surveyor. They will be accountable for everything concerning their scope of work. 

Technology is important

It is best if you hire a surveyor that is updated with today’s advanced levels of technology. These types of technology will aid and assist your professional in becoming more efficient and accurate with descriptions relating to their job. This usually includes the most updated versions of AutoCAD and GPS/RTK technology. Expect to hire a surveyor that is competent with the use of GIS— Geographic Information System, data collectors, and Robotic Total Stations

Check their reputation

Reputation is everything. It is what accounts for a person’s actions, which entails showing commitment and offering quality service. Ask around and make sure your surveyor offers a top-notch service.

It is all in the details 

Being too meticulous may often be frowned upon. Though, in this line of work, it is important that they show such traits as it is the difference between good quality piece work and an outright terrible disaster of a surveyor. 

Check to see their range of services

Some professionals, as it may be the case, may show promise in certain services. Others will show competence across a larger scale. It is important to deal with a surveyor or a company that has a thorough understanding of all the different types of services, so that if ever you were put in a situation where you are needing a larger variety of services they can come through. 

Consider their fees and prices

All markets have expensively priced goods or services and more modestly priced goods and services. Land surveying is no exception, though when hiring a professional surveyor and think about price, be sure to measure against everything else. You may hire one with lower fees, but they may cost you more in the quality of their work. 



When looking to hire a land surveyor, it is important that you consider every aspect and do a lot of conscientious research. By understanding their jobs well you will be able to hire a surveyor that is both a professional and right for you.


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