Industry Expert Ideas to Enhance Functionality with Versatile Designs Of Glass Railing Systems

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The attraction and beauty of the houses, when they are built, has always been in the mind of the people.  And, as a result of this, the use of glass railing is taking up the trend. The use of glass in the railings makes it look eloquent. Also, using glass is the easiest way to add both luxury and value to your home.  Due to which many people nowadays prefer to get glass railings. When it comes to design, the best design for your glass railings is the one that will blend well the balance between safety, functionality, quality and, of course, aesthetically.

You will notice that the latest designs of the glass railings sold in the market observe the necessary safety features. There are various kinds of railings available in the market out of which the quality glass railings for decks, balconies, porches, and patios are one of the best options available for homeowners. However, the different options available serve different purposes. Let’s take a look at them below.

What Are The Options Available in Modern Glass Railing System?

Frameless glass railings: popular choice with clear view

Frameless glass railings are among one of the most popular choices. This design feature provides a stunningly clear view to complement the aesthetic of your property. In this design, there is no visible supportive structure that will hamper your view. Due to its looks, it gives you an exotic feeling. The seamless view provided by it; these are among one of the most popular choices for balconies, decks, and terraces. In this choice, the glass panels are fixed in the standoff fixings with a clamp post, base screens, and a frameless windscreen clamp system. The system is fixed and designed and tested to withstand the required structural load. 

Framed glass railings: durable and used for large pedestrian traffic


Certain times, people like to have some conventionality in their décor. For such homeowners, the framed glass railings will be a good choice and for this FGM glass railing is stylish and versatile. With framed glass railings you can get a touch of aesthetic to design in your modern architecture. These are well known for the durability along with style and elegance, it is a very commonly used railing system for places with larger pedestrian traffic. 

Tempered glass railings: provides safety and security especially for kids


If you are looking for a new and different way to make your deck or balcony a safe and beautiful space. Then tempered glass railing will be your choice for making your space an eloquent with glass railings. Tempered glass is prepared via a thermal tempering. In this way, the glass is hardened by making it going under the heating treatment which strengthens it and makes it safer and stronger than the conventional glass. Even in case of breakage, the tempered glass shards are much smaller which reduces the risk of injury. And, for the house owners who need to keep safety, this is the must choice for them.

Different Styles of Glass Railings and Their Characteristics

Framed Glass Railing


Which Glass can be used Overlayed (Laminated) Glass, Heat moderated (Tempered) Glas
Material Frame used Aluminium metal , Stainless Steel
Where can be used Balcony, Deck, Patios, Stairs, Bridge
Arrangement type Bar

Frameless Glass Railing

Which Glass can be used Heat moderated (Tempered) Glass
Material Frame used Aluminium metal, Glass, Stainless Steel
Where can be used Stairs, Balcony, Deck, Bridge
Arrangement type Panel, Bar

Aluminium Glass Railing

Which Glass can be used Heat moderated (Tempered) Glass, Overlayed (Laminated) Glass, Flat glass
Material Frame used Aluminum metal,  Glass
Where can be used Balcony, Deck, Stairs, Bridge, Patios
Arrangement type Bar, Cable, Panel

Line Glass Railing

Which Glass can be used Heat moderated (Tempered) Glass
Material Frame used Aluminum metal,  stainless steel
Where can be used  Deck, Stairs, Bridge, Balcony, Patios
Arrangement type Cable, Bar, Panel
Finish of material surface Brushed, Anodized, Finished Polished

Stainless Steel Railing

Which Glass can be used Heat moderated (Tempered) Glass, Overlayed (Laminated) Glass
Material Frame used Aluminium metal, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Where can be used  Bridge, Deck, Stairs, Patios, Balcony
Arrangement type  Bar
Finish of material surface Anodized, Finished Polished

The glass railing gives a sophisticated look with customizable finishes. The glass design railing has various options shapes, sizes and specifications to meet the needs and demands of the users. The material used in glass railings are constructed from supreme quality. Glass railing systems give home or business a new look and virtually maintenance-free beauty to any building.

Benefits of Installing Glass Railings in Your Home and Around Your Property  

As we all know glass is an ideal option to add touch of modern sophistication in any kind of interior, with all of its qualities from minimalistic to spacious feel and lots of brightness. 

  • The glass railing provides a seamless view and provides an unimpeded view that can be observed with any other type of railing system. The look of the glass railing system is as such which provides you a combination of luxury and safety. The glass railing gives you a feel like boundaries without interruption.
  • Unlike other railing materials, the glass railings have a negligible maintenance cost which makes it cost-effective in the long run. There is no requirement of repainting or refinishing with the glass railing system. 
  • There are multiple frame options available for the glass railing. Finish like stainless steel touching around your decking or patio area makes you look stylish.  
  • The glass railings are made by using the panels of glass which makes it wind obstruction thus preventing the wind and helping in trapping the warmth inside the house to make a warm place to live in.
  • The glass panels used are strengthened to make it a safe and durable option. Glass panels used are solid and thick panels of the glass which is nearly unbreakable unless they are shattered by the force.
  • The installation of the glass railing is easy and simple in comparison to the conventional brick and mortar railings, as there is no need for digging or the preparatory work to be done before the installation of this railing. The installation is less time consuming and while installation there is no filthiness of the place. 

Talking about its maintenance, high-quality glass railings doesn’t require their seals to be replaced except in case of extreme damage, in which case your insurance may cover the repair charges. Cleaning the glass railings is easy as compared to other types of railing. Use a glass cleaner and then wipe it with a cloth. Collect more information on various designs, sizes, glass types and other features from Fab Glass and Mirror. Here, you can browse from its wide range of selections. It offers customized options suited for your needs and delivers products right at your doorstep. Also, its free expert consultation will help you in getting the best product at affordable prices.

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