Should I Add A Backup Battery To My Home Solar System?

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As we’re approached by an era of impending dangers, where not only has the wellbeing of our homes become jeopardized, but so has its very existence, we find people mounting up the ladder of awareness. Our habitat is becoming better cared for, treated with the compassion that is now needed. 

Many people have begun installing home solar systems, and helping with the environment’s salvation. Still, the technology isn’t without flaws, and the panels alone may at times need backing. So here is where a backup battery comes in, doing much good to its Eco-friendly holders.

What does a backup battery do?

A backup battery works almost seamlessly with the main source, seeing that if a power outage were to occur the backup battery would then kick in. They are most commonly charged through your panels, and often interlace with the primary source, switching back and forth, even when it’s up and running. Done in a way that would help lower your energy usage, bringing more benefits with. Whereby you can rely upon the installed grid all year long, thus significantly reducing or even eliminating your energy costs.

Excess energy from the panels is retained within the battery, which can be accessed and employed whenever needed. 

Why add a backup battery?

The obvious reason for why you must install a backup battery falls back to the weather. Where it can be severe, such as with a cloudy sky, you might find that you need a battery backup to step in and keep you powered. Although, it still is capable of drawing in energy from the vast sky, even in a cloud filled atmosphere. However, it greatly diminishes in retrospect to the better alternative of clear skies and ideal weather conditions. Night time is also when the battery comes in handy.

Now, you can claim your independence by installing a battery. Solar energy experts at Sandbar Solar confirm that by having your own battery you’ll be reducing your reliance on the utility grid. Further stating that by developing your own micro grid through usage of a backup battery, you can get credit for any extra energy you put back into the grid.


The most prominent difficulty could be the price. As the purchase of a backup battery does come with a hefty price tag. Which could be off-putting at first, but you’ll come to realize that you are saving more than the one-time payment for the equipment.

Installation could also prove to be rather tricky, especially if your purchased solar system does support added storage. In which case you’ll have to choose between an AC coupled solution or an inverter replacement.


Getting a backup battery will certainly act advantageously to your solar system, particularly if you live in a place where weather conditions is somewhat volatile and extreme. It doesn’t only support your system but also your bank accounts, allowing an income to find its way to you by simply giving to the environment as opposed to taking from it. On all counts, a backup battery is of 100% importance, needed by every house solar system. 


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