Six Simple Ways to Update a Tired Garden

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Sometimes, it is easy to forget about the garden. It can be viewed as your home’s poor relation when it comes to time and effort spent on it, particularly in the autumn and winter months. When your garden looks drab and tired, it can almost have that same effect on you, sapping you of energy and making you feel almost worthless. Perhaps a tad dramatic, but updating your tired garden really does not need to take too much effort. In fact, continue reading for our six simple ways to do just that. 


  • Consider Artificial Grass


If keeping a lawn looking luscious has taken its toll and you are almost ready to dig the whole lot up and pour concrete over, stop and think again. Many properties now have artificial grass in their front and/or back gardens. Not only does it look lovely and healthy, it also feels great underfoot too, not necessarily prickly like you might expect. Although there will be a sizeable cost to begin with, this may well save you money in the long run. No longer will the lawn need watering when the sun is blisteringly hot and there’s a drought in your area. However, do consider the environmental impact as it can be damaging for the creepy crawlies that would usually make their way into the soil to get nutrients. 


  • Succulent Succulents


Succulents are plants which are usually found in dry, dessert-like areas. They are robust, sturdy and long-lasting, with very little attention necessary. They don’t even need water that often at all. Therefore, these are the perfect addition to your garden if you really want minimum effort maximum output. Succulents really can look stunning and have a big impact on the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space. Many families with young children have also added this type of plant to fairy gardens, created using old broken plant pot and other random bits and pieces found lying around the house or in the garage. 


  • Revamp Your Decking Area


If you haven’t given it much attention recently, your decking area will probably need a very good clean and some form of treatment thereafter before you can even consider revamping the area. Creating an outdoor seating area using pallets can look really effective, but would require a significant amount of time and effort. Instead, why not buy a new bench and add removable cushions to it? This can really brighten up the area and make it feel cosy. Add a mirror onto the wall too. This give the illusion of a greater amount of space. 


  • Water Features


The trickle of water can really add an element of serenity to your outside area. There is an array of stunning outdoor water fountains to choose from these days. As well as the added calm, water features can also cool the air on the hot, sticky summer nights. You’ll just have to restrain yourself from trying to jump into it! A pond is another option, but can take significantly more time and effort to install and maintain. Furthermore, the dangers associated with having a pond can be worrying, especially if you have young children in your family. 


  • Lighting


When the skies darken, but the air is still humid, it is lovely to continue socialising into the night. Consider what type of lighting would work best for you. If your garden is south facing and gets plenty of sun, solar lights could be a good option. They come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. In other words, there is certainly something for everyone. Alternatively, you may wish to consider candles as lanterns can look really pretty and create just the right amount of light. Citronella candles could serve two purposes as they provide light as well as repelling insects, great if you are prone to being bitten. If you have a wall, perhaps from the garage, in your outdoor area, consider hanging mains powered lights up. Some brightly coloured ones can add a pop of colour to what could be an otherwise drab area. 


  • Paint


Giving your fence panels a lick of paint can really serve to make things look that bit fresher and cleaner. Winter not only wipes the colour from the countryside, but also the life from a garden too. Just spending a few hours painting fences can make a huge difference. As mentioned earlier, walls in the outdoor space from the garage could be painted to look fresher rather than dull and grey. If you are feeling adventurous and artistic, a mural could really make your back garden stand out from the crowd. 


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