The Solo Energy Display

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3 phase and real-time display

Stylish, easy to use and shows very clearly how well you are doing in terms of your energy consumption — at a glance

• Modern look and feel — colour display
• Quick easy to self-install
• Gives you the ability to upload your energy usage to a personalised webpage where you can not only see how well you are doing over time but also to join a community to compare against others
• Easy to understand and use — non technical
• Targets to help you improve behaviour and control budget
• Tells you immediately if usage is abnormal
• Real-time carbon calculator
• SD card records and stores your data for years

• Batteries allow portable ‘walkabout’ operation

£147-99 (inc. VAT – P&P)
Q. Can the Solo be battery powered?
A. Yes, but it is designed to be mains powered for everyday operation the batteries are for ‘walkabout’ so you can go around the house looking at what amounts of electricity different appliance use. At all other times the Solo should be mains powered.
Q. How long do the batteries last?
A. Roughly 24 hours for the display and up to 1 year for the Meter Bug.
Q. What is the range of the wireless transmission?
A. Up to 30m.
Q. How long can the Solo record for?
A. Years, if you want it to! It takes a standard SD card which is capable of recording you many years.
Q. Will the Solo tell me how much i am spending on my heating?
A. No, it shows electricity only. To be able to see your domestic heating, have a look at the Duet energy monitor.

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