The ultimate guide to window blinds

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A blind is a stylish window covering made of timber, panels of cloth, stainless steel or plastic. When planning to decorate your rental property, the cost of maintenance is a concern for any tenant. The idea is to keep this cost as low as possible. This is why most people prefer blinds for their windows. They are economical and easy to maintain.

Choosing window blinds for your rental property can be a difficult task. There are numerous factors to consider. Blinds come in different shape, styles, and shades. Your choice depends on your need and also the décor style you want to achieve.

Here is how to choose blinds for a rental property.

Factors to consider

Privacy and light

You need to decide about the level of privacy you want in your rooms, and also the amount of light you are willing to let into the rooms. Blinds are created with a tilting ability to either allow light in or out. They also come in fabric options that can be used to darken rooms or filter light. All these factors give you control over the amount of brightness your rooms get.


How much you are willing to spend on the blinds is a crucial factor to consider. Your budget is determined by the type of blinds you go for, the size of your windows and the number of windows you have. Having a budget will help you in narrowing down to the right window blinds for your needs.


The most significant hazards presented by window blinds is choking and strangulation. Window blinds can be corded or cordless. If you are concerned about safety, you can go for the cordless blinds.

Ease of cleaning

While window blinds do not need professional cleaning services, they should be cleaned regularly. Over time, they gather dust and dirt and can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Therefore, they must always be clean. The blind material you go for can determine how easy or difficult cleaning the blinds is.


Your decorating style will also determine the type of blinds you choose. You can choose bold colours if you want to give the room a dramatic feel. If your room is decorated in earthy or neutral tones, you can select blind designs in the lines of subtle hues.

Types of blinds

Taking your time to select the best window blinds for rental property carefully can significantly complement your home’s design and also bring out your taste in style. Learning the types of blinds available can help you to make an informed choice.

Wood blinds – these are available in light or dark shades. Wooden blinds are the perfect choice for dens and offices. Avoid using them in the kitchen, or the bathroom as the moisture can significantly damage them.

Insulating blinds – these are types of blinds that can help in the preservation of energy or blocking out of light. They can be ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

Aluminium and plastic blinds can be used in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or office.

For people renting property, durability is the most important concern when it comes to choosing blinds. Fortunately, the windows blinds industry is vast and can accommodate every individual’s needs.










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