Top Tips for dressing your house to sell

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When you make that big decision to move and its time to sell the house thats when all those years of hard lovin’ need to be addressed. Yes, that family bathroom has coped with hundreds of bathtime battles, the kitchen has produced countless masterchef meals and the sitting room sofa is only just getting comfy enough for the TV dinner nights, but when it comes to showing prospective buyers around, it’s time for a spruce up.



Top 10 Tips to Close That Sale


1.         De clutter it makes a room look bigger and allows the buyers to envisage how they would use it. Once the junk has gone, take time to clean well where that much loved pile of cant do withouts used to be!



2.         Hide the family photos the buyers want to imagine themselves living in the house not get endless reminders of you and yours.



3.         Set the scene – theres nothing wrong with suggesting how a room could be used, even if you don’t use it that way yourself.  Try placing the odd musical instrument in a spare office space to turn it into the music room or vice versa. Place candles round the bath and add soft lighting to enhance a dark corner,lifestyle magazines on the coffee table work well too!  You can even extend this idea into the garden by hanging lanterns on a tree and setting out a bistro table and chairs on the patio.



4.          Set out and light each room as best you can before the viewing – it beats rushing round adding cushions and putting table lamps on as they walk in.



5.         Prime the kids to be on their best behaviour. This is where shameless bribery comes into its own.



6.         Point out any little problems that the buyers or their surveyors will find anyway, as you show them round. It may seem daft but it encourages them to trust you and usually helps towards closing that sale.



7.         Don’t shove too much clutter behind cupboard doors you can be sure that the one door that is hiding the most hideous junk will be the one they want to open



8.         Remember that the outbuildings, garage etc also need to be tidied up, as these are just as much part of your property and may clinch the sale for buyers that are looking for space here.



9.         When repainting, use neutral colours that blend with each other, to enhance the feeling of space and flow between rooms.



10.        Don’t be afraid of letting your own personality show by having quirky or statement pieces of furniture, lighting or ornaments. After all, it is still your house and none of these things are permanent so buyers will see beyond them when viewing.



There it is then. Good luck, and if you have only got time to do one of the above ideas then declutter,declutter, declutter!

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