What are the average Renovation costs of replacing expensive areas in your home?

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Home renovation is not something that can often be done on the cheap. Of course, if you want to cut a few corners or only make minor adjustments small renovation work can usually be accomplished.

However, for the average renovation work, you can usually expect to pay a high-price. But what areas of your home are going to be the most expensive to renovate then? Well, there are quite a few rooms to consider so let’s look at them in more detail, shall we?

Renovating Your Kitchen – $10,000 +

When it comes to home renovations it is the kitchen most homeowners will want to give a new lease of life! However, renovating a kitchen is also usually going to be very expensive but there is a huge spectrum to what the cost could be.

If you want a more basic renovation with new countertops, appliances, fixtures, and flooring then you might be surprised by what you can manage for around 8 to 10 thousand dollars. However, if you want something more luxurious and a total remodeling then you can easily expect to pay 15 thousand dollars plus on average.

Renovating Your Bathroom – $7,500 – £12,000

Renovating your bathroom can actually be one of the cheaper areas to start with. Most bathrooms are small, at least compared to the other areas of your home. So, the costs will be mainly impacted by how lavish you want things to look and whether you want a more serious remodel.

New baths, showers, and sinks can be expensive as can flooring and tiling but even so, you might be surprised by how much you can accomplish with a smaller budget.

Renovating Your Garden – $5000 – $10,000

Renovating your garden is again something that can be accomplished in many different ways but things like landscaping or adding a patio or decking can usually be accomplished on a smaller budget. Of course, the bigger your garden is and the fancier you want things to look the more expensive it will be.

Replacing Your Roof – $10,000 +

One of the most costly home renovations is replacing a roof. This is also one of the renovations most people put off it might not be as exciting as adding a swimming pool or as noticeable as new carpets but you can really feel the difference. It is also usually one of the most complex areas of a home to renovate and will almost always require an experienced roofers help.



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