Fall Home Maintenance A 5-Item Checklist

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With the fall season upon you, it’s time to consider the maintenance tasks that will help protect and prepare your home for the colder months ahead. Regular seasonal maintenance is essential to maintain comfort and avoid costly repairs due to neglect. Whether you’re a new homeowner or a seasoned property owner, understanding the specific needs of your home during autumn is a must.

  1. Plumbing and Water Systems

Before frost sets in, drain and insulate outdoor faucets and hoses to prevent them from freezing. Water freezing in pipes can cause cracks and costly leaks. Be proactive. Clean your gutters twice per year to keep them free from leaves and debris that could cause blockages and water damage.

It’s wise to inspect all plumbing for signs of leaks or drips. Use insulation sleeves to protect your pipes, keeping them warm when temperatures plummet. Check your water heater because a functioning system is non-negotiable for those chilly mornings.

  1. Heating and Insulation

Service your heating system now to avoid the winter rush and guarantee optimal performance. It’ll keep your home warm while reducing energy bills and preventing carbon monoxide issues. Examine your air filters and replace them if they’re dirty to improve airflow and air quality.

Once your heating system is tuned for efficiency, shift focus to windows and doors. Sealing any gaps ensures the effort to heat your home is well-spent. Seal them with weatherstripping and use draft stoppers to preserve the warm air.

  1. Exterior Maintenance

Inspecting the exterior of your home is a vital step in fall maintenance. Walk around your property and collect any debris and leaves that could rot and attract pests. Consider using these dead leaves and organic matter as compost or mulch.

It’s also an excellent time to fill in any cracks or gaps in your home’s exterior to keep the warm and cold air in. Pay attention to the trees and shrubs around your home, too. Trimming them back will prevent potential damage to your property from broken branches.

  1. Indoor Maintenance

Your fireplace and chimney might be out of sight during the warmer months, but they should be addressed come autumn. A professional cleaning service ensures your fireplace works safely and correctly. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are essential in fall home maintenance. Test them and replace the batteries or the entire units if necessary.

Take notice of your closets and storage spaces. Tidy them up to make the most out of a limited area and reduce stress. Lastly, inspect your dryer vents. Lint build-up is a common cause of house fires, so keeping them clean is essential.

  1. Landscaping

Landscaping in the fall prioritises aesthetics and prepares for next year’s growth. Dead leaves and plants should be cleared to prevent disease and pests. Remove dead or diseased branches from trees and shrubs to promote healthy growth in the spring. A clean and neat yard maximises your outdoor space.

Mulch around plants to insulate the soil and roots. Aerating the lawn allows it to breathe and absorb moisture and nutrients more effectively. Finally, give your yard a dose of fertiliser to replenish nutrients used during summer.

Additional Fall Home Maintenance Tips

As the season changes, remember to adjust your thermostat settings for efficiency. A programmable thermostat can help manage heating costs by setting lower temperatures when you’re away or asleep. Check your attic insulation for proper thickness. Add more insulation to improve energy efficiency if it’s less than 12 inches. Another tip is to check your sump pump—if you have one—to avoid basement flooding during rainy weather.

Pay attention to your emergency preparedness. Fall is the right time to restock your emergency kits, replace expired items and ensure you have essentials like water, non-perishable food, flashlights, and batteries. With the increased risk of storms, having an updated emergency plan can offer peace of mind.

Troubleshooting Common Fall Home Maintenance Problems

If your gutters are still overflowing after cleaning, you may need to check for proper alignment or investigate whether the downspouts are adequately sized for your home. Another common issue is a malfunctioning furnace. If your heating system isn’t working correctly, check the thermostat batteries and circuit breakers before calling for professional help. Sometimes, the most straightforward solutions can resolve a significant problem.

Condensation on windows is another frequent fall issue, often caused by high indoor humidity. If this is the case, consider using a dehumidifier or improving ventilation. If doors or windows are sticking, it might be due to the damp weather causing the wood to swell. A dehumidifier can also help here, or you might need to plane down the wood slightly for a better fit. Remember, tackling these problems early can prevent them from escalating as winter approaches.


Tackling these fall home maintenance tasks is an investment in your home’s future. From the plumbing and heating systems to your property’s exterior and landscaping, taking steps now can prevent inconvenient and often expensive problems down the road.

You’ll save on potential repair costs and enjoy a more comfortable and energy-efficient home during the fall and beyond. Use this checklist to start preparing your home. You’ll appreciate the effort when winter arrives.

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